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Community Health Planning and Statistics

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Welcome to the Florida Department of Health in Clay County (DOH-Clay) Community Health Planning and Statistics webpage. DOH-Clay continually monitors the health of our county with great collaboration from our community partners. Ongoing collection, analysis and review of public health data which describes population health status will give us a better understanding of the health of our community and help us to ensure that limited resources target specific health status issues. Below we would like to introduce to our community the guiding documents that helps ensure we are addressing the needs of our county. We strive to be a connector in our community and promote the core functions of Public Health.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHA) 

Since August 2018, several key stakeholders, community members, and organizations have come together to identify key health issues facing our county through focus groups, interviews, and surveys.  This assessment is the product of a collective and collaborative effort from these dedicated health and social service providers along with invaluable residents from across Clay County that helped lead us into our next 3-year CHIP cycle.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Looking for Florida public health statistics and community health data?

Use Florida CHARTS to track the health status of your community.

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) 

Building a healthier Clay County is a community-wide initiative and the CHIP document is a community-owned process with the goal of establishing ongoing processes to identify and address emerging health needs. With the intent to develop and foster community partnerships within the county, this is how we will move the needle on the quality of life in Clay County.

Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIP) can be used by health departments, as well as other government, education, or human service agencies, to coordinate efforts, seek grant funding, and target resources that promote public health.

Working together, community partners have created goals and measurable strategies to support the selected health priority areas: Behavioral Health (including Mental Health), Healthcare Access, Disease Prevention & Lifestyle Behaviors.

There are 3 active workgroups that meet quarterly to review progress in the action plans. Please take some time to read through the 2019-2023 CHIP document and action plans below.

We encourage anyone to be involved in helping to make our community healthier.  To find out how to get involved, please call our Chief Health Strategist at (904) 529-2885.

Strategic Plan 

Our mission, vision, and values remain the same and define our purpose, direction, and guiding principles of our agency. Our three-year strategic plan outlines what our organization plans to achieve, how we will do it, and how our progress will be measured.

“You will discover four strategic priorities which have been selected because of their potential impact on improving the organization and supporting the community to improve population health and health outcomes in Clay County. The strategic plan is one tool we utilize to improve public health services, value, and accountability to community and stakeholders”, as stated by Heather Huffman, Health Officer & Administrator.

The selected priority areas include: Population Health, Community Awareness, Internal Awareness, and Workforce Development.

We invite you to read through our 2019-2023 Strategic Plan.