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HIV/AIDS Program

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Do you have HIV, AIDS or Hepatitis and need help? Are you afraid to ask for help? Are you unsure of where to get help? The Florida Department of Health, Clay County provides a variety of services for people living with HIV/AIDS through the Ryan White and AIDS Drug Assistance Programs. All of these services are confidential and can help you improve the quality of your life. New treatments, medications and support mean longer, healthier lives for people with HIV. The more you know about this chronic illness, the more you’ll be able to work with your health care provider to manage your own health care. Everyone approaches HIV in a different way. Many people with HIV/AIDS have a lot of questions: What does this mean? What can I do about it? How long will I live? Where Can I get treatment? What if I don’t have insurance?  The Florida Department of Health in Clay County is able to help with all of these concerns.

HIV Testing 

The Florida Department of Health in Clay County provides confidential HIV testing through either a blood test or oral swab test. Results are generally given within two weeks, and oftentimes sooner than that. All counselors are certified testers that ensure testing is done safely and confidentially. Trained counselors provide education and support to individuals who are at risk of becoming infected with HIV or are already infected.

HIV Testing Locator

Education/Community Outreach 

The HIV prevention staff provides community education about HIV prevention to Clay County. Staff also provides individualized one-on-one education when needed. Program staff visit college campuses, faith-based groups, and other community organizations to provide HIV testing and education, as well as information on clinic services.

Case Management Services 

The HIV /AIDS program Case Managers provide a variety of case management services. All are experienced staff members who can help with obtaining critical HIV medications and health services. Case managers are available to help HIV-positive clients with linkage to services such as primary healthcare, dental care, maternal care, social services, mental health services, substance abuse treatment, support and advocacy services, transportation, housing and more.

AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) 

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program, commonly known as “ADAP” is a statewide, federally funded drug program. The intent of ADAP is to provide stable and accessible treatment for qualified individuals that are living with HIV. The Florida Department of Health in Clay County is the only ADAP site in the county and staff members can help HIV-positive individuals obtain the medications that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

What is the Linkage to Care program? 

The Linkage to Care program connects newly and previously diagnosed HIV-positive individuals to HIV medical care. The program serves Clay residents who are HIV-positive, are at least 18 years old and are not receiving HIV medical care.

Individuals that are not in care will be referred to an Eligibility Specialist at the Florida Department of Health in Clay County.