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School Health

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School Health Program Overview

School Health Services ensure that school children are healthy and ready to learn. The presence of the school nurse can relieve teachers of monitoring and attending to student health needs so they are free to devote all of their time to educating students.  Also, school health programs afford parents the peace of mind in knowing that their child’s health needs will be handled by a trained health professional during the school day.

The Florida Department of Health in Clay County manages the School Health Services Program in cooperation with the Clay County School District.  The Clay County School Health Program is staffed by a School Health Registered Nurse Supervisor, 4 School Health Registered Nurses, who each oversee 8-11 schools, and a Staff Assistant.  The Clay County School District School Health Services Programs has a Supervisor of Student Services who handles specific administrative aspects of the program.  The school district also employs 1 - 3 trained school health personnel at each school, consisting of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Clinic Health Assistants, depending on the health needs of the school population. 

What kinds of services do students need during the school day?
Many students come to school with health conditions that may interfere with their ability to learn and reach their full potential. Allergies, Asthma, Diabetes, infections, injuries and emotional difficulties related to these illnesses may lead to absences from school and, in some cases, academic failure if left unattended or not addressed properly.  The school nurse is a valuable partner in ensuring that students are healthy, safe and prepared to learn. 

School health staff provides many services to a steady flow of students in the school health room for any number of reasons, including:
cuts and bruisesheadaches, dizziness, head injuries or seizures
head lice and skin rashesearaches, sore throats and upper respiratory infections
personal and family problemsnosebleeds and asthma attacks
peer pressure and test anxietystomach aches, cramps, vomiting or diarrhea
vision, hearing, height-weight and scoliosis screeningscomplex or chronic health conditions
assistance with administration of prescription and over-the-counter medications 

School Health Services Totals (2020-2021)

  • 104,873 Student health evaluations and nursing assessments
  • 32,198 Licensed practical nurse service
  • 37,610 Paraprofessional evaluation/treatment
  • 46,992 Consultations with parents and/or school staff
  • 64,692 First aid treatments for students with injuries and/or other complaints
  • 21,127 Complex medical procedures for students with special medical needs
  • 14,882 Record reviews and immunization follow-ups to ensure that Clay County school children are protected against preventable diseases
  • 8,218 Vision screenings
  • 6,261 Hearing screenings
  • 1,839 Scoliosis screenings
  • 5,690 BMI screenings with 64% of the district's school children who were screened being in the healthy weight range, 3% underweight, and 33% of the school population being either overweight or obese.
  • 1,513 Individualized healthcare plan development
  • 1,029 Child-specific training
  • 2,334 ESE screening/staffing
  • 54,343 Medication administration